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Is there any way to find all URLs that (permanently) redirect to a given website?

E.g. example.redirect redirects to So I'd want a way to determine that example.redirect redirects without already knowing that example.redirect exists ex-ante.

  • Are you talking about websites that redirect to your website in some fashion?
  • I closed this because it appears to be about finding information about other people's websites rather than about running one of your own.

This is not possible without the help of a third party tool/spider/bot that has already crawled these redirects and stored this information (eg. a search engine).

At you have no way of knowing whether the request arrived via a redirection from example.redirect, since the request comes from the client's machine (user-agent) not example.redirect. Neither is example.redirect the HTTP Referer, unlike when a user clicks a link on example.redirect.

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