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Spam boot activities on form inputs.

Please this question is not on how to protect sites against spam boots via google recaptcha, captchas, maths questions etc.

Am wrting to know how spambots operates. I just need to be highlighted on these few points.

Spamboot generally filled all the form fields they encounter.

My question is since they easily fill all the form.

1.)Do spambots focus form inputs as they inserts.You know for every insert, the form inputs has to be focused.?

2.)Do spambots inputs data, remove data inputed from a form input fields just like human.?

3.)How do spambots triggers a submit button. Its the same way human does.


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  • Bots read the form with an HTTP GET, search for <input> tags, generate a corresponding application/x-www-form-urlencoded then do a POST to the site. No graphics involved so no idea of focus or button. There isn't much of a need (although the <button> name will probably be included in the POST data.)

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